Aroma - One Minute Saree

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Sky Blue

Introducing our latest masterpiece – the enchanting Weaving Zari Georgette Saree. Crafted from the finest quality Weaving Zari Georgette fabric, this saree boasts a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Fabric: Weaving Zari Georgette
Work: Weaving Zari with Beautiful Digital Print & Fully Stitched Ready-to-Wear 1 Minute Saree
Saree Length: 5.5 meters
Blouse: Banglory Satin, matching the saree (0.80 metrs unstitched)

Accessories: A complementing metal belt is included
Colors: Available in 6 captivating shades - Black, Orange, Purple, Rani, Sky-blue, Wine
Weight: 600 grams

This saree showcases the skillful art of weaving Zari, perfectly complemented by a captivating digital print that enhances its charm. It's a harmonious fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics.

What truly distinguishes this creation is its unparalleled convenience. Designed to cater to the modern woman's fast-paced lifestyle, this saree comes fully stitched and ready to wear. Within just a minute, you can drape yourself in its elegance, making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

With a saree length of 5.5 meters, it allows for graceful draping and styling that ensures you stand out in every crowd.

Accompanying the saree is an unstitched blouse piece made from Banglory Satin. With a length of 0.80 meters, it perfectly complements the saree, offering you the freedom to customize your attire.

This exquisite saree is available in a range of captivating colors, including Black, Orange, Purple, Rani, Sky-blue, and Wine. Each shade is designed to cater to different moods and occasions, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

Despite its luxurious appearance, the Weaving Zari Georgette Saree remains lightweight at just 600 grams, ensuring your comfort throughout any event.

Discover the epitome of beauty and innovation with our Weaving Zari Georgette Saree. It's not just a saree; it's an embodiment of elegance and contemporary style that empowers you to make a statement wherever you go.

Aroma - One Minute Saree

Aroma - One Minute Saree

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Aashna Sengupta
Quick Chic Vibes! ??

Quick chic vibes with's One Minute Saree! It's like instant glam, and the delivery was quicker than my excitement. Chic and quick - perfect combo!

Aastha Nair
Saree Speedster Arrival! ???, you're a saree speedster! The One Minute Saree raced into my wardrobe, and it's a winner in the style circuit. Fast and fabulous!

Ahana Gupta
Minute Magic Unleashed! ???, you've unleashed minute magic with this saree! It's like a spellbinding piece, and the quick delivery made the magic even more enchanting.

Aadya Sharma
Swift Saree Joyride! ??, you've taken me on a swift saree joyride! The One Minute Saree is joy personified, and it reached me at the speed of happiness.

Aaradhya Reddy
Saree Express Lane Elegance! ??

Elegance in the saree express lane!'s One Minute Saree is a style journey, and it reached me like a fashion bullet train. Elegant and on time!